Rishikesh is famous for many tourist places whether it is an Ashram or Historic place. Many tourist come to experience spirituality and to see Iconic places like Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula.
Unfortunately One of the famous iconic suspension bridge i.e Laxman Jhula was closed for public movment 

Reason For the Closure :-

Famous tourist attraction and iconic suspension bridge Laxman jhula was close for traffic and public movements on Friday by the authorities due to safety purpose.
As per the recommendation of the experts that Laxman jhula may be dangerous for public and traffic movements because they found many parts of the bridge may fail or collapse due to heavy traffic and public load.
The experts suggest that Laxman jhula should be close immediately for the public because it may fall any time due to daily traffic and unprecedented rise in pedestrian which will be the reason for bridge fall.
In recent time the team of experts found that towers appears to be leaning towards one side.

Laxman Jhula

The decision was taken as by keeping  Laxan jhula operational could have been risky and may make reason for any mishapening in future so the bridge should be immediately close.

About Laxman Jhula:-

Laxman jhula was built in 1929 and opened for public on 1930.Laxman jhula is an iconic landmark in Rishikesh city and Uttarakhand.
Laxman Jhula Connects Tapovan village( In Tehri District) on the western bank of the Ganga River with Jaunk/Jonk (In Pauri District)
Laxman Jhula was named after Hindu mythological character Laxman crossed the Ganga River with the help of Jute Ropes.