What is the Best Time To Visit Rishikesh??

Rishikesh has a very good climate condition for the tourist.Tourists come to visit Rishikesh throughout the year.Weather condition of Rishikesh are pleasant throughout the year.
However Summers are bit warm,But Summers are peak season aswell because many of the tourists come to Rishikesh for adventure sports like River Rafting,Bungee Jumping etc. 
Summers also a favorite season because International Yoga Festival held in Summers(March) so many of the tourists visit Rishikesh to attend the Yoga Festival.
Rishikesh can be visited in Winter season also to feel the cold and crisp in the air so that you can feel why Rishikesh is known as "Gateway Of Himalaya"

Rishikesh In Spring(Mid February to March):-

Spring season is very ideal time to visit Rishikesh. This season is ideal for camping and trekking activities in Rishikesh .the another reason for visiting Rishikesh is that many events like Yoga Festival and other Hindu festivals like Basant Panchami and Holi.If you like Yoga then its perfect time to visit Rishikesh to participate in the Yoga festival to get a life long experience .

Basant Panchami is the festival which celebrated to welcome Spring .whole Rishikesh turns into Yellow color on this day. You can see people wearing Yellow and Saffron color clothes,
You will find yellow clothes, yellow food and sweets
The main attraction of Basant Panchami is the "Basant Panchami Mela" which is celebrated as "Basantotasaw which means "Festival Of Basant or Spring"
you can witness the Jhanki Of Bharat Bhagwan which is quite crowded because whole city will be there at this Jhanki .
Nagar Jhaki
Pic:-Jhanki Of Bharat Bhagwan

Pic:-Doli Of Bharat Bhagwan

Rishikesh In Summers(April to Mid June):-

Rishikesh is jam packed in summer due to Yatra Season.Rishikesh is the starting point of the Chaar Dham Yatra. Devotees and tourist take routes from Rishikesh to Reach there but it creates a hell situation due to heavy tourist visit which leads to hectic traffic jam and creates problem for the local citizens.
In Summer Rishikesh is most favorite destination for Adventure sports like River Rafting and Kayaking training.
So If you are planning to visit the Chaar Dhaam and to feel the adventure so Summer is the best time for that.

Pic-River Rafting (Credit Aman Pahwa)

Rishikesh In Monsoons(Mid June To August):-

Monsoons Bring heavy showers in Rishikesh, Entire city looks so beautiful and green. You can see cotton clouds everywhere. Monsoon is known as Saawan and Saawan is the month  Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Famous Kanwad/Kanwar Mela take place in Saawan or Monsoon Season in which Devotess of Shiva (also known as Kaanwari) come and offer Ganga Jal to Lord Shiva at Neelkanth Mahadev after this they go back to their places.
The holy water when carried back to their hometowns is used for bathing the Shivalingam on the Amavasya (New Moon) day in Shravan month or on the Maha Shivratri day.
During Monsoons rafting shuts down due to heavy rain fall and increased water level.so if you are planning to visit Rishikesh for River rafting then avoid monsoons.

 Rishikesh In Autumn(September To October):-

Autumn Season Is the season just after the monsoon so the Adventure sports like River Rafting get resumed. You can visit Rishikesh in Autumn for River rafting and other pro sports.There are several camping sites in the bank of River Ganga which is ideal for the Peace lovers.

Rishikesh In Winters(November To Mid February)-

You can visit Rishikesh in winters too.if you love bird watching then Rishikesh is just for you.
You can find rare birds spieces like ,Koklas,Himalyan Pied Kingfishe,Khalij.
If you want to see wild life and want to spot rare animals like Royal Bangal Tiger,Leopards and some rare animal species then you can visit famous naitional park sitiuated in Rishikesh i.e Rajaji National Park.