Every place has some historic background that makes it a worth to visit so as Rishikesh.
Rishikesh also have a historic importance and background that makes it very important and most visited city in India.

How Rishikesh Got Its Name:-

In Sanskrit Rishikesh is a name of Indian God "Vishnu" which means "lord of senses".
Rishikesh gets this name after Lord Vishnu appeared to "Raibhya Rishi" as a result of his penance(tapasya), as Lord Rishikesh or Hrishikesh.

Mythological Background Of Rishikesh:-

Rishikesh is a very important place in Indian Mythology.it has been a part of  legendary "Kedaarkhand"(the present day Garhwal). Legends says Lord Ram did penance for killing the Demon King of Lanka "Ravana"His (Lord Ram) younger brother crossed Ganga River with the help of Jute Rope Bridge at that place Laxman Jhula is located.